Our Services

"From seed to store"


After detailed discussion to assertain the clients desires we will use our skills and contacts to acquire exactly what is necasserry to complete the task.


Once acquired we have the abilities required to assist in delivery of finalized products, fully tested and ready for market to the clients specifications


After completion we have an existing network of distributors to further develop your brand and increase the visability of your products worldwide

We Cann do!

We Cann do!

Cannsultancy helps clients through the Legal and rapidly expanding European Cannabis Based Products Marketplace. Services include; Licensing process by assisting with property and site surveys, strain selection and cultivation techniques, facility floor plans, product design and marketing, business and operations plans, logo and product design, environmental permits and local and EU licenses. Cannsultancy’s team include experienced land use planners, environmental experts and executive strategists to achieve our clients aspirations, Cannsultancy have offices in the Netherlands, Spain and the UK to assist companies and individuals alike throughout Europe.
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